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Why are we a biomedical hospital?

We incorporate the latest advances in biology, especially genetics and genomics, to provide precise diagnostics and treatments for our patients

The Hospital is located on Avenida Tres Cruces,
at its junction with Campos Crespo Street, in Valencia.

It will cover 30,000 square meters.

We are Ascires, a biomedical group pioneer in Spain in Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Genetics and Image-guided Radiation Oncology. Our services are provided to both public and private hospitals, as well as through our network of Biomedical Clinics in the Valencian Community and Catalonia. With over 50 years of experience and a team of over 600 professionals, we are dedicated to diagnosis and treatment, investing an average of 15% of our profits in R&D&I each year. This investment enables us to continually incorporate the latest medical technology and software.

Ascires Grupo Biomédico focuses on personalized precision medicine through continuous innovation in AI biomarker development and integrated diagnostic algorithms utilizing genomic, clinical, and diagnostic imaging data.

Ascires is committed to sharing medical and scientific advances among patients, society, and doctors through the QUAES Foundation. This foundation facilitates knowledge synergies and collaborations with the QUAES Biomedical Institute and two professorships. The QUAES professorship at the Universitat Politècnica de València specializes in imaging biomarkers, while another professorship at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona is a leading authority in Nuclear Medicine and Big Data.

Ascires Valencia Campanar
 Marqués de San Juan street , 6 y 4 - 

46015, Valencia (Spain)
Tel. 96 340 40 77 

Ascires Valencia Universitats
 Menéndez y Pelayo street, 25 

46010, Valencia (Spain)
Tel. 96 340 47 90

Ascires Castelló
Betxí, 7,  street – 12004
Tel. 96 186 89 98

Ascires Sagunto
Advocat Fausto Caruana,  street 11– 46520
Tel. 96 186 89 91

Ascires Gandia
Alacant Avenue, 123 – Nave 6 – 46702
Tel. 96 186 89 99

Ascires Xàtiva
Ronda Séquia de la Vila, s/n – 46800 Tel. 96 340 43 44

First Ascires Biomedical Hospital

At Ascires, we are dedicated to accelerating the process of bringing medical technology to patients.

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Ascires Biomedical Hospital is driven by over 50 years of experience in Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Genetics, the latest technology and a team of highly specialized professionals, all located near you.

Letter from Ascires CEO

Welcome to Ascires Hospital space for
updates on the milestones that will take place during its construction.

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0034 649 495 023 

Construction has started on the Ascires Biomedical Hospital, which will specialize in detecting and treating complex pathologies

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Patient associations, neighbourhood organisations, the Ascires medical team, professionals involved in the project, together with the councillor responsible for Public Space in Valencia, Lucía Beamud and the CEO of Ascires, Lorena Saus.

Valencian Community